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FLOE ( pronounced /flō/ ) means a steady, continuous stream of something....

This line summarizes my eternal curiosity for things that hold history and parts of the past, streaming into the future. Most parts of my life revolves around patterns, prints, designs, and dogmas that have history. Since as far back as I can remember, when I go to or revisit a place, I never go and seek the newest and biggest boutiques. Rather, I google thrift and vintage stores. The length of my stay depends on how much of an underbelly of old stuff there is to peruse. This lifelong sponge-like fascination, pursuit, and exposure on a daily basis, created the dna for FLOE.  

Real clothing, with real volume, that uses ONLY vintage or reconstructed vintage prints and silhouettes. My collaborator in crime is Celine Gouge, a kindred spirit who has developed other well known french brands too.

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