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Domitille and Angélique are sisters. Two different personalities who inspire and complement each other, united by a sense of freedom and a taste for authenticity.

Domitille and Angélique are two sisters who created SOEUR, a brand for all the other sisters out there. Their mission? To dress all women, regardless of age or style, and to embody what we are with sensitivity and simplicity.

Because there is more than one way to be a SOEUR. By blood or marriage, because we grew up side by side or because we chose each other; whether there are two or ten of us; because we found each other or because we sought each other out. SOEUR for sincerity, for authenticity.


At SOEUR, we de-segment the wardrobe. We borrow a lot from men to highlight the feminine.

This is a sensitive, timeless wardrobe, built on a love of materials and colours, and a passion for authenticity and quality.

This is faultless style that sometimes delights in blurring the lines of the body, playing with volumes, to better show off its charms. These are pieces to make our own, to be passed on, intuitive pieces designed to last and to evolve, from one woman to the next. Our goal is always to offer an inspiring vision of femininity defined by grace, freedom and simplicity.

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