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Fashion histories are often family stories.

The history of Laurence Bras is no exception. The designer, born in Rouen, went through the path of the Legion of Honour damsels. She always conveys emotions and values, a certain stylistic sense, built on memories which influenced her:  the scent of her grandmother’s pie, the small hat or the fur coat of her aunts… A sensitive approach she rolls out through collections carved for the fashionistas’ active, cool and challenging lifestyle.

And this season is the opening of a new chapter: Laurence Doligé becomes (again) Laurence Bras, from her maiden name. Why? The one who lives, draws, invents, imagines, thrills in Delhi, sometimes in Goa, from her shed-shop along the beach, is finally partnering with her little sister, Anne. A strong desire she has had since her beginnings, which never faded away. Good news, her wish is coming true! The two sisters, very close in taste and fashion, combine their talent and expertise. When one, Anne, knows how to meet women’s expectations as fully as possible, thanks to the numerous shops in Rouen, the other, Laurence, knows what she has to design to convince them.

The journey therefore begins under the label Laurence Bras.

The collection is partly manufactured in India. This is notably the case with some lace or embroidered dresses, and hand-woven light shirts with subtle prints, in cracked poplin. This is combined with clothes labelled “made in Italy” or “made in Portugal”.  Desirable outlines, with uninhibited chic and fair prices. We fall for pyjama pants, casual, soft and supple feminised men shirts, beach dresses, or the lingerie. The whole is offered in khaki and fawn shades, alternating with panther-printed fabric. Soon, the stitch will be coming… A desire to travel, wearable in town. Laurence Bras creates her own fashion alphabet, and builds an ideal wardrobe combining elegance and simplicity, which gets into us and accompanies us day after day.

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